Cancer Diagnosis Solutions


For years, biopsy and imaging have been at the forefront of cancer treatment, providing important insights about cancer, especially when it comes to detection.

In this way, several imaging tests were developed, mainly from two big groups:

Current Limitations

But these procedures are inherently limited. The added risk and stress associated with biopsy can be hard on patients. And for those with advanced or inaccessible cancers, biopsy and imaging may not be an option. Scans may be less invasive, but do not provide critical molecular information. These procedures add significant costs over the course of treatment.

Finally, and most importantly, most of these imaging procedures emit radiation.

Transforming Diagnostics

In this way, BIOPROGNOS has developed its own technology called “Multiple Biomarkers Disease Activity Algorithms” (MBDAAs) in order to create a Non-Invasive first-line for diagnosis: